Spykman Seminars
The Spykman Center offers Spring and Autumn Seminars
on Geopolitical Analysis and International Relations.
Spykman Seminar's 2023-24
The Geopolitics of the Middle East
February 28th to March 20th
Wednesday's at 1800 CET
€50 (50% Discount for Students)

Four weekly meetings online on Zoom on 'What is the Middle East' (Feb 28th),
'The Scramble for Middle East' (March 6th),
'The One-Hundred Year War in Palestine' (March 13th),
and 'The Middle East in the Great International Disorder' (March 20th).

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  • Archived
    A Geopolitical Introduction to the Critical Actors of International Relations
    The first edition of the weekly seminar for the academic year 2023-24 ran from 18th October to 20th November. A total of five sessions were headed by Professor Graziano focusing on the geopolitics of the United States, Europe, China, India and Russia.
  • Archived
    Introduction to Geopolitical Analysis
    Spykman Center's first online seminar series ran from November 2022-April 2023. The rich and engaging weekly discussions were based on Prof. Manlio Graziano's book Geopolitics of International Relations in the 21st Century (2019).