Nicholas Spykman International Center for Geopolitical Analysis
Created in 2022, the Spykman Center is a non-profit, non-political, international organisation dedicated to the study of Geopolitics. It benefits from the expertise of academics, researchers, and practitioners from some of the leading universities and institutes from Europe and beyond. The Center aims to unite students and young professionals to learn and produce geopolitical analysis.

The Center takes its inspiration from the finest geopolitical theorist of the twentieth century, Nicholas John Spykman (1893 – 1943). Together with Spykman's use of geopolitics to offer a deeper understanding of international relations, and based on the works of Professor Manlio Graziano, the Center uses geopolitics as a methodological tool to teach and conduct geopolitical analysis.
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Geopolitical Dialogues: The Origins of the Conflict in Palestine and its Possible Consequences
Tijana Bjeljac interviews Prof. Manlio Graziano on the origins and the broader context of the conflict analysed through a historical and geopolitical lens. Prof. Graziano also discusses the key international stakeholders, particularly U.S. and China, and their goals in the current conflict, and sheds light on the possible scenarios of how the conflict could unravel and impact the broader international relations.
Spykman Discussions: Israel-Palestine Conflict

Join us for a robust and objective discussion on the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict through a geopolitical lens. Professor Graziano maps out the contours of the conflict, debunks prevalent myths and provide a geopolitical framework to better understand the issue and the role and involvement of many actors.
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